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Our Belief System


Attitude is everything. We believe without attitude, knowledge and skill is of no use. So we focus really deep on attitudes hence we have Value Education classes for the students to get the disciplines right. This is our core value.


Disciplined mind is ready for learning. Once we get the attitude part set we use the power of modern technology and blend the age old ancient philosophies to instill the right knowledge in the students mind.


Without actions success in not possible. At Aksharam we use hands on activities to develop the skill set which will lead them to the ultimate success.

Education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life. At Aksharam, this road is paved well for the kids to start their journey! We involve them in the activities that emphasize to grow their skills intellectually, artistically, morally, athletically and scholastically. We focus on bringing up responsible citizens.

What We Have...

  • 8+ Academic clubs.
  • 10+ Co-Curricular clubs.
  • 4 Team Houses.
  • Yoga, Karate, Dance, Music,Horse riding & Skating.
  • Various Social Awareness Events.
  • Frequent Field Trips & Much more.
  • Trained For Inter-School Competitions.
  • Value based learning with life skills.
  • Aviation course exclusively designed for school students.

“Let the students begin their journey to a better life with peace, love, and happiness with Aksharam…”

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Let the child learn in a unique way

Bridging the gap between students and the teachers

This is not just a school it is a family. The love and care we show on each other is unique and that makes the learning process so effective.