Sports and Games

Sports and Activities

Aksharam believes in creating a stronger generation which is well aware to balance the scholastic and co scholastic skills. Sports and Games play a vital part in each and every student's life to make them disciplined, engros their self confidence.Team games ensure the spirit of sportsmanship to stay united and coordinated with one another which makes the children understand the essence and advantage of togetherness.

Individual activities and athletics trains to become a pro in the relevant field which they are interested in. We at Aksharam involve and engage them in almost every indoor and outdoor sport to amplify their interest and adroitness in the relevant sport.



We have a team of expert students and budding aspirants who have participated in various levels of Football tournaments where they practice regularly to maintain the consistency of the sport. Aksharam's Football club primarily aims to construct an indestructible hub of players


Aksharam's Throw Ball Squad of both boys and girls consists of young proficient players to contribute in the game in every aspect that augments the spirit of the sport.


Kabaddi being a combative sport, every player in the team should be diligent and Aksharam's Kabaddi hub of both boys & girls ensures a powerful wing that has a prominent training from the coach to certainly acquire right techniques of the sport.


Chess players of Aksharam have displayed their shrewdness in a number of competitions. We have potential players who could strengthen their mind and stabilize their perspective in the game to procure success.


Chasing the focus on a perfect angle is all about mastering in Carrom. Our students have have engaged in numerous Carrom Tournaments as they have been trained to aim, pivot and strike throughout the game which makes them master the sport.