"The Child Is The True Curriculum"

Just not on the same day or in the same way


Aksharam international school offers the central board of secondary education (CBSE) which is robust and helps students excel in any of their chosen fields. The nuance of a lively class is bringing in methods to suit the psychology of modern kids.
Here in Aksharam, it is not rote memory but creativity, innovation, and activity-oriented methods that pay in long run. Situational methods and play-way methods enhance the learning of children. Classes starting with sing-song sessions will be enjoyed by the tiny tots.


Here in Aksharam, to keep in the mood with bubbling youngsters, tools like dramatization, role play, pairwork, group work, etc are taken up. The teacher takes up a number of Strategy to make learning a pleasant experience. The faculties of Aksharam work soulfully to enlighten the little ones.
With loads of Creativity, there is a dance, and there is a song that makes the Children energetic and enthusiastic. In Aksharam students gain knowledge outside the school through field trips and other co-curricular activities which in turn give them the courage and confidence to expose themselves.


The greatest advantage of CBSE being offered by Aksharam International School is the constant evaluation of a student’s academic progress. The grades are assigned to the students, based on the marks they have accumulated in the assessment conducted.
The syllabus is designed in such a way as to make it easy for the students to process the information being taught to them. The curriculum also facilitates a student’s ambition to pursue higher education. The curriculum helps especially with empowering students the ability to crack competitive exams.
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Senior secondary is the threshold of stepping onto life outside the cloistered ambiance of secondary education and it is therefore a prominent phase in the academic journey of students. The senior secondary curriculum aims at conceptual clarity as the children are being prepared for the CBSE board exams. All activities and assessments are done as per the CBSE curriculum.
Students can choose from a reasonably wide range of subjects, based on their interest and caliber and are guided by experienced senior faculties of the school. Teachers handle each subject with utmost care focusing on individual attention and differential learning by providing ample practice for students to get through the board exams with absolute ease. ​



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