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Our Vision, Mission & Objective

Our vision is to implement a dynamic educational environment by encouraging excellence. All the students are challenged to reach their maximum potential by learning at their functional level to provide a reliable function of skills, knowledge, values. This foundation flags the route to a well-educated, productive adult who will be able to cope with an everchanging world. “We teach the values of social responsibility and life skills to protect children & community as well.

As Education is a manifestation of perfection, AIS understands the role in nurturing empathetic citizens whose panorama should be topping above books. Let the passion of AIS embrace your child and nourish a promising citizen for our Motherland”

At Aksharam, we strive to build a close-knit community of happy children, inspiring teachers and supportive parents. We inculcate the principles of Waldorf Education within the Aksharam environment. We respect the natural rhythm of human development thereby entertaining the child’s skills to develop at its own pace without forcing the child.

The essence of education lies in its application. We at Aksharam, aim at practicing activity-based learning, that encourages creative thinking among children, thereby unfolding their innate skills through appropriate pedagogy. By refraining from any standardized assessments, we strive for developing children as a part of a team, that imbibes a sense of spirit. We are very keen to introduce research methodologies in the early stages and frequent field visits for the real-time experience.

Role of Aksharam

Aksharam being an ethical educational society renders genuine academic virtue and subtle non academic probity. We keenly construct refined prodigies from our Institution as they will be in the service of diverse fields subsequently.

Despite being in rural locality Aksharam's role in making its scholars popular and competing over an urbanized broad range of public has been the strength of our school. We responsibly assure a firm hand for the society with well disciplined, skilled, potential students and facilitators which in turn makes us to play a vital role in the educational community of Coimbatore. The power withheld in our hub of educators focuses on the profuse departments of today's digital generation.

The City acknowledges a team of young and experienced educationalists from Aksharam who build a fortune with more moral values and immense grip over knowledge. Thus our part as a productive educational group remains sustainably unique and efficient for the City.

"A team of professional facilitators determines the strength of a successful organization"

With 70+ flair educators, best cbse school of Aksharam has a strong foundation of numerous ideas and the potential to mentor and mold children to the highest of their abilities. Each and every teacher of Aksharam is dedicated and committed to their roles and responsibilities as they play a key role in the lives of thousands of children.


Hi, I'm Poppy Roy.

I'm The Principal of The Aksharam International School.

Facing the study with the right mindset can change our chances of learning everything necessary. At the same time, having learned these contents will make our way of interpreting the change in the world. 

Aksharam aims to develop the life skills for students to help them grow into confident and self sufficient children. A recent department of Labour report says, 65% of students will be employed in jobs that do not exist, so it will be important for all students to acquire the analytical, evaluation and creative skills to apply such thinking towards becoming great professionals and entrepreneurs.