Practical experiences teaches children the importance of application based learning in various verticals.

Progressive learning practices and conceptual understanding methods are followed in Aksharam's laboratory setup.


Physics Lab

Physics is a branch of Science concerned with laws and derivations to describe the general practical activities of our day to day life. Aksharam's Physics laboratory is fully furnished with apparatus like Vernier Caliper, Screw gauge,potentiometer,spectrometer,prism etc., to make dimension measurements,emf and resistance measurements,focal lengths and so on. This enriches the constructivism in mechanics of learning the subject effortlessly.
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Math Lab

Mathematical Science is the language of unseen relationships between things and to seize it, proper notion over the segments of the subject is mandatory. We at Aksharam create a positive apprehension towards the subject with the support of 3d shapes, fraction models, integer models,mensuration models, symmetry models,measurement equipment, various quadrilaterals etc.A smart panel has been installed in the Math Laboratory which gives rise to intrigue and attentiveness in children and they learn math with ease.

Computer Lab

The growth in technology has created an era that has drastically evolved from conservative ideas and computers are an integral part of it where most of the innovations are implemented through practical activities in the laboratory. Aksharam provides a well-equipped computer laboratory with licensed software, high speed internet, advanced setup & processors, etc,.This enables the students to focus on long-term efficiency in computers
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Chemistry Lab

Chemistry is an astronomy of the molecular world,being a subject with reactions and mechanisms, theoretical knowledge along with practical entities would boost up the cogitation in the subject.All the required apparatus and chemicals are available to carry out various complex experiments,preparations,measurements and determinations in a trouble free-way. This allows the students to experience the fun in learning and relish the subject oriented concepts effectively.