Why Choose CBSE Syllabus Schools In Coimbatore?

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Why Choose CBSE Syllabus Schools In Coimbatore?

Given that there are a number of curriculum options available in India, it is common to be confused about choosing the right one for your child. If you are not sure of which curriculum option to choose or if you are looking for the advantages and benefits of choosing CBSE school in Tamil Nadu, this blog would help you deepen your understanding of the best CBSE school in Coimbatore. 

As parents, we are always motivated to offer the best medium of education to our children right from the early stages of their schooling. It is important that parents choose the right board and medium of education from the beginning because it fosters all round development as they mature. 

The Indian education system has approved the following boards of education – 

  1. Indian Certificate for Secondary Education (ICSE)
  2. Central board of secondary education (CBSE)
  3. State Boards – if you are in Tamil Nadu, it is Samacheer Kalvi
  4. International Baccalaureate (IB).

CBSE remains the most sought after board of secondary education in India essentially because of its recognition among institutes across the country. Following are some of the benefits that a child and parent can acquire by choosing CBSE school in Tamil Nadu. 

  1. Recognized across the world

The CBSE board is recognized internationally by all countries across the world. CBSE schools are also operated in several countries including Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle Eastern countries and many more. So, if you are someone who keeps travelling or if your job involves changing locations frequently – could be within India, or outside the country, children can continue to learn in the CBSE syllabus. 

  1. Sets the tone for competitive examinations

CBSE board is the cornerstone of several competitive exams including JEE, PMT, CDS, Civil Services, Dental Courses, and many more. Because CBSE remains recognized by the government of India, most competitive exams, be it the medical, Chartered Accountants, or Engineering exams follow the pattern of CBSE syllabus. 

Do you know that more than 65% of students who make up to IITs come from CBSE schools? 

While it is only 28% from state board and 10% from ICSE schools, CBSE remains the most preferred board of education for students aspiring to win competitive exams. 

If you are looking for the best CBSE school in Coimbatore that imparts the skills and competencies needed for children to win their competitive exams, Aksharam International School is the right spot for you. We train children to become problem solvers and creative thinkers to be able to approach problems and questions in competitive exams at ease. 

  1. Common medium of instruction

CBSE school in Tamil Nadu have Hindi and English as the common medium of instruction and learning. This is important because if you are someone whose jobs keep changing and you may need to shift your child’s schools frequently, choosing CBSE school in Tamil Nadu is the best option. This is so because the child may not have to endure the hardship of changing the board very often which is difficult for them to handle. This is one reason why children of the personnel in the Indian army choose CBSE board over other boards.

  1. Focus on foreign languages

Most CBSE schools these days shed their focus on imparting foreign languages. Though Hindi and English remain the main languages taught in best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, at Aksharam International School, we are in the process of instituting courses for foreign languages like German, or French. This would be of great help to children when they mature and would want to travel abroad for higher education or work. So if you are someone who envisions your child pursuing higher education in a top-ranking, foreign university, Aksharam International School, the best CBSE school in Coimbatore is the right place for your child to groom themselves. 

  1. No rote memorization

A common problem with state syllabus is that clearing the exams demand rote memorization and learning which is hard for many students. Whereas, in CBSE schools, the exam pattern is very inquisitive that it tests the knowledge of the students and does not motivate them to memorize lessons word by word. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to choose CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu instead of other boards. 

  1. Holistic, all round development of children

The best CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu ensure an all round development of children. At Aksharam International School, the best CBSE school in Coimbatore, we shape children beyond academics. We foster an all-round development that when they mature children evolve into fully-rounded professionals with skills and abilities to take up the competitive world. We encourage children to participate in extracurricular activities and other competitions that help them attain an all round development. At Aksharam International School, the best CBSE school in Coimbatore, a lot of sessions are conducted outdoors where we engage them in activities that are interesting rather than classroom based sessions. Thus, CBSE schools aid in all round development and holistic growth of children and remain the most preferred board of education right from the early childhood stage. 

  1. Boosts employability

CBSE board extends beyond academics to shed focus on instilling moral values and integrity in children. The curriculum of CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu is such that the children can gain job related skills, problem solving competencies and other creative capabilities. At Aksharam International School, we always concentrate on the current trends in the educational landscape and tune our courses to reflect the same. We work on improving the entrepreneurial and employability skills so as to ensure that when they mature it becomes easy for them to pursue a career of their choice and dream. 

  1. Enhances innovative and creative skills

The CBSE curriculum fosters innovation and creativity in children. The activities that are pushed to children as a part of their syllabus stimulates their inquisitive minds and unleashes their creativity. At Aksharam International School, the best CBSE school in Coimbatore, we design activities and experimentations that encourage children to unleash their latent talents and explore deeper. Among all the boards of education, the activities that are offered as a part of the CBSE curriculum push creativity in a fun and engaging way into children. 

If you are looking for a best CBSE school in Coimbatore, that offers children a blend of experiential learning and conceptual training, then Aksharam International School is the place for you. Aksharam International School is a CBSE school in Tamil Nadu located right at the heart of Coimbatore city and offers the best kind of learning environment to children. 

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