<strong>Best Parenting Strategies To Raise A Smart Child</strong>

Best Parenting Strategies To Raise A Smart Child

Best Parenting Strategies To Raise A Smart Child

Read the blog to understand the 10 best strategies that you can follow to raise a smart, shrewd child.

Every parent has their own style of parenting. Perhaps, there is no one-style-fits-all approach when it comes to parenting and nurturing a child. Nevertheless, all of them strive to provide the best possible exposure and experience for their children to realize their full potential. Whether it is about winning the Olympic games or nurturing your child’s dream of becoming a doctor, most parents aim to provide a path that navigates the child to success. 

In this blog, we outline the strategies that help parents raise smart children and navigate their children toward their dreams. If you are exploring how can I make my child successful in life, read the blog. 

10 Ways to Make Your Child Smarter

Here are the best strategies to nurture your child smart and shrewd and provide an environment for them to deliver their fullest potential. 

1. Give them unstructured play

The easiest way to nurture your child smart is to give them unstructured play. The play hour should be led by the child, and he/she should be let to play however they want. This enhances creativity, problem-solving skills, and decision-making abilities and also offers a sense of independence to the child. Avoid giving them mobile phones and let them play on their own. Parents should figure out schools that let kids be themselves and offer time for exploratory, unstructured playtime. 

2. Allow them to make mistakes 

Create a safe environment for your child and let them make mistakes and learn from them. Naturally, as a parent, you will be motivated to correct their mistakes and put them back on the right path. But never do that. Let them solve the problems by themselves. 

When kids learn to overcome their failures, they become resilient and strong and learn to resolve their problems on their own as they mature. Doing so makes them smart and shrewd. 

3. Keep them moving

Children are supposed to play, run, and move. Encourage them to move and play. Physical activity enhances their cognitive development and skills. Teach them exercises and yoga. Adit them into extracurriculars so they get to move their body often. Doing so offers enormous benefits to children in terms of physical and mental well-being when they grow up and mature. 

4. Train or exercise their brains

As much as exercising the body is important, exercising the brain is very important. Introduce them to board games like chess, blocks, legos, backgammon, etc. They push them into critical thinking and build cognitive abilities.  You can also motivate them to try puzzles, riddles, etc. as all these activities engage the brain and encourage them to think creatively. This enhances their smartness and when you make it a habit, they tend to become smart kids in the future. If you are exploring how do you raise a baby genius, then put them into creative activities. 

5. Let them explore

Kids by their own nature are exploratory. They love going on the field and exploring. You should take them to field trips like doing a hike, visiting a museum, zoo, etc. offers the child a hands-on experience. They get to explore and learn beyond academics and books. You should list down the local places of interest and then exploring them first. These activities are a great way to engage them during their leisure and spend some quality time with your children. 

6. Teach them social skills

Studies reveal a positive association between the social skills in a child and success in the later stages of life. So, impart social skills to children as early as they are in the kindergarten stage. You must teach them through activities, the important social skills like acceptance, communicating their needs, listening, sharing, etc. Such skills improve their smartness and enhance the odds of success as they mature and evolve. 

7. Offer them the privilege of a screen-free childhood

Given the rise in penetration of digital medium and social platforms, screen-free childhood has become a distant dream for children. Too much screen time is proven to be detrimental to child’s mental and physical well-being. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, the screen time for children should be restricted to two hours a day. Encourage your child to play outside in the open ground, farms, or engage them in activities they enjoy. 

8. Make music a part of the kid’s routine

Several studies have shown that teaching music to children at a young age helps boost memory, focus, and concentration. Music lowers stress and relieves them of anxiety. Music also enhances their creativity, and children become smart thinkers right from a young age. 

9. Read along with your child

If your child is too young, read for them. On the other hand, if they can read and write, then sit with them and read books together. Reading as a skill improves the smartness of children. You could also work out ways to make reading fun and engaging for your child. You could also take children to the library and expose them to a variety of subjects in order to nurture a smart child. If you are exploring how to motivate a child, then doing things along with them is the key. 

10. Enroll them in the best schools

Schools play a prominent role in promoting quality education and creative thinking abilities in children. Explore the best schools in your vicinity. Check if they have the right infrastructure, labs, options for extracurricular activities, and so on. Check if they promote a balance between extracurriculars and academics. 

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