<strong>Is Coimbatore good for schools?</strong>

Is Coimbatore good for schools?
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Is Coimbatore good for schools?

In this blog, we have detailed why Coimbatore remains one of the best destinations for education and professional development. Read the blog to know more details about Coimbatore. 

Coimbatore offers a conducive learning environment for children on the one hand and opportunities for professional development on the other. If you are exploring the best schools for your children, then Coimbatore has it all. 

Read the blog to understand why Coimbatore remains the most preferred destination when it comes to schools and colleges. 

Why is Coimbatore best for education? 

Coimbatore has evolved to be a prime educational hub for education. So, parents naturally prefer to admit their children to Coimbatore schools. Here are some specific reasons you must note before you choose a school in Coimbatore for your child.  

1. High-quality education

Coimbatore houses some of the best schools in 2023. Schools in the city demonstrate excellent academic records and are known for offering high-quality education. Students from Coimbatore schools have aced competitive exams like NEET, UPSC, CAT, etc., to secure a place in top universities across the world. 

2. Holistic education modes

Coimbatore schools prioritize the overall well-being of children. They venture beyond academics to teach extracurriculars and introduce evolving technologies like robotics, AI, etc. They also train children to clear competitive exams at the national and global levels. By doing so, they introduce problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and decision-making abilities. This way, children hone the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the latter part of their personal and professional lives. 

3. Excellent infrastructure and facilities

Coimbatore schools house the best of infrastructure, and the city is well connected by all means- roadways, railways, and air transport. It is connected through buses and public transport systems with the other parts of the city and surrounding areas. Bus facilities are available in major cities like Salem. Hosur, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. Coimbatore also has an international airport and a railway station that eases commute. 

4. Resources and opportunities

Coimbatore has excellent learning resources, including libraries, museums, etc. As the city bubbles with industrial infrastructure, it is easy to take your kids on an industrial visit. These opportunities help children gain greater exposure and eventually grab a competitive edge and evolve ahead of their peers. 

5. Closeness to higher education institutes

Beyond schools, Coimbatore also has some of the best higher educational institutes. It has top-notch engineering colleges, medical institutes, agri universities, etc. So, Coimbatore is undoubtedly an appropriate destination for education and professional opportunities. 

6. Professional opportunities

Beyond educational opportunities, Coimbatore also provides excellent opportunities for professionals. It is an evolving IT hub and is long known for its industrial nature. Several manufacturing and service businesses are based here, and so if you are a professional, you can access these opportunities and secure your future as you do for your kids. 

Choosing the Best CBSE School in Coimbatore for Your Child

There are a lot of benefits of studying in CBSE board education. Following are the 10 benefits of CBSE education. 

  1. CBSE syllabus is universally accepted. 
  2. CBSE curriculum is updated as per the changes in the learning environment and technological updates. 
  3. CBSE curriculum helps children ace competitive exams as many exams, like UPSC, NEET, etc., are based on the NCERT syllabus. 
  4. You can easily shift from one CBSE school to another as the syllabus is the same. So, if your work involves moving from one place to another, it is wise to choose the CBSE syllabus for your child
  5. CBSE curriculum sheds enormous focus on science and maths subjects. This helps children as they move ahead in life. 
  6. CBSE schools do not encourage rote learning and memorization. They promote practical learning. 
  7. CBSE schools provide experiential learning and emphasize extracurriculars as much as they do academics. They focus on sports, arts, music, etc. 
  8. CBSE system follows continuous assessment, and this allows for holistic evaluation. 
  9. CBSE curriculum offers extensive learning resources, textbooks, and study materials for children and teachers. It also offers periodic training to teachers and improve their teaching methodologies. 
  10. CBSE curriculum focuses on honing holistic skills and competencies in children. They promote application-based learning rather than rote memorization and learning. 

What is the best school in Coimbatore?

If you are exploring which are the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore read on. As explained earlier, there are many CBSE schools in Coimbatore. To choose the best CBSE school in Coimbatore for your child, you must do thorough research. Aksharam International School is one of the most reputed educational institutions in Coimbatore. It is known for setting new standards in education. It has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, laboratories, and other learning facilities. 

If you are looking for the best CBSE school in Coimbatore, visit Aksharam International School, Mathampalayam, Billichi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu-641019. Contact: 09095599991 or info@aksharamschool.org 


  1. Which is better, the CBSE or the Tamil Nadu state board?

Overall CBSE syllabus is better because it promotes holistic education, experiential learning and discourages children from rote learning and memorization. 

  1. What are the benefits of Studying in CBSE School Right from Nursery?

CBSE curriculum emphasizes experiential learning. As children learn by doing from a young age, their foundation strengthens, and they involve in fully-rounded individuals with holistic skills and abilities. They gain skills and exposure beyond academics, like sports, music, arts, science, etc. 

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