Why do you want to join a CBSE school?

Why do you want to join a CBSE school?
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Why do you want to join a CBSE school?

Admitting your child in a CBSE school has several advantages than otherwise. Read the blog to know what makes CBSE syllabus unique.

Schooling plays a pivotal role in shaping future of children. This is the phase when overall development of children takes place. Guiding them along the right path makes them productive and constructive on a long run. CBSE offers the best curriculum for learning that is on par with curriculum all over the world. It is one step ahead in preparing students for the competitive exams. The benefits aren’t limited to this, but are boundless. Amongst the CBSE schools hailing from Coimbatore, Aksharam International School is the best in providing progressive cum value-based education.

This blog endeavours through various reasons to put your kids into cbse schools in Coimbatore.

Why Choose CBSE Syllabus Schools In Coimbatore?

Pros of pursuing education in school education in CBSE schools are copious. Analysing different boards before admitting your child helps you know the teaching standards and methodologies. 

The following points states how efficiently CBSEschools function for the progress of the children.

  1. CBSE encourages practical learning. 

Conceptual learning is concocted with interesting practical learning, activities and experiments to motivate the children to learn more by themselves with inclusion of fun elements as it yields better understanding and fruitful outcomes unlike rote learning and memorization method. At Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, classes are conducted in an interactive way to inspire children to learn by doing. 

  1. Provision of stress-free learning environment.

Burden of learning, heavy portions that are tough of the child’s age and exam preparation pressure brings about stress in children. CBSE schools and international schools hold an age appropriate syllabus and portion that suits the learning capacity of children without needing much strain. CBSE strictly abides with the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) curriculum. Being one of the leading CBSE schools in Coimbatore, Aksharam International School is based on CBSE curriculum. 

Children find it relatively easier to study in CBSE syllabus than in other contemporary boards. Most importantly the exams in CBSE are in such a way that children can write the answers in their own words without having to memorise the answers as such. The question are asked to evoke creativity and build logical reasoning in students. Through this method the stress of mugging up answers even without mere understanding is evaded. 

  1. Builds logical reasoning abilities

Building certain logical reasoning skills right from the young age can greatly help a student to crack competitive exams with ease. The syllabus is designed to be appropriate for the students age. It is less extensive, to the point and precise. It particularly aims at developing critical thinking and problem solving skills of students. The exams conducted in cbse schools tests the understanding ability rather than testing the memorising capacity. 

  1. Forms the coign of vantage in competitive exam preparation.

The CBSE syllabus aids in competitive and entrance exam preparation to a great extent as it forms the basis of the question and answer pattern of those exams. It imparts all the theoretical knowledge required for performing good in competitive exams. If you intend to prepare for NEET, JEE, AIIMS, CDS, PMT, CLAT, civil services and other college or university entrance exams, cbse is the congruous suit. CBSE has compact structure with fewer main subjects and the syllabus focuses more on mathematics and science. It is relatively easier and has more focus on competitive exams compared to the ICSE board. Studies prove that CBSE students are more competitive in exams like JEE and NEET. Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore is known for its excellence in supporting students effectively for their entrance preparation.

  1. High transferability and universality

CBSE has around 26,054 schools affliated it in India and over 240 schools in foreign countries. This large number of schools ensures easy transferability in case of relocation. Availability of schools in almost every nook and corner of India suits parents whose work requires frequent shifting. Certification from CBSE schools is accepted worldwide in different universities. Grading and exam patters are also uniform. Children are graded based on their logical intellect. At Aksharam International School, leading CBSE school in Coimbatore, we ensure that students are graded based on various standards and not just based on their ability to cram and reproduce concepts on paper. 

  1. Preference for extracurricular activities. 

Aksharam International School is a leading CBSE school in Coimbatore. It works towards bringing about the latent potential from students and conducts competions for indoor and outdoor games, writing, art and craft, dance and music and numerous other extracurricular. 

We set new standards for CBSE schools around Coimbatore to follow. CBSE gives more emphasis for physical education and scholastic activities and the scores are considered for the internal assessments too. Students get enough playtime and training for art forms, sports and other activities.

  1. Engaging learning environment

The syllabus of CBSE is frequently updated, exam patterns are modified and inclusions are made to suffice the futuristic needs and advancements. CBSE is open to amendments and this leads to frequent upgradation. The concepts are taught by relating to the real time world to evoke curiosity and get the students naturally inclined. Homeworks and assignments are given only in moderate amounts to enable students to focus on other activities and improve their skillset. 

Aksharam International School is one among the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore that has smart classrooms, qualifies teachers and able teaching mechanism for the enhanced learning experience. Teachers are periodically trained to make the children prosper in the constantly changing world. 

Looking for the best school in Coimbatore?

If you are looking out to admit your kid in a CBSE school in Coimbatore, Aksharam International School is the right choice. Students here are taught to embrace learning, to appreciate culture and to build core values for academic, professional and personal goal achievement. It has the state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, child friendly teaching methodology to inculcate moral values,  intensive CBSE curriculum, frequent interactions with parents and an in-campus sports and cultural academy for the students to excel in fine arts and sports.

Aksharam International School fosters a commendable win-win policy through collaborative team work and good community outreach. Alongside personal and academic excellence, students are trained to respect themselves and others, to vener diversity in thoughts and to work towards a sustainable environment. 

For more detains visit Aksharam International School, Mathampalayam, Billichi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu-641019. Contact: 09095599991 or info@aksharamschool.org .

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