Aksharam International School Nurturing Creativity Through Education

Nurturing creativity and problem solving skills in children require a little extra effort. Read the blog to know how we foster creativity in education at Aksharam International School
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Aksharam International School Nurturing Creativity Through Education

Nurturing creativity and problem solving skills in children require a little extra effort. Read the blog to know how we foster creativity in education at Aksharam International School

Aksharam International School is a renowned CBSE school in Coimbatore. Known for implementing innovative teaching methods and engaging learning techniques, Aksharam International School remains one of the most sought after schools in Coimbatore. We place enormous emphasis on enhancing the creativity of children at school and after schooling hours. RIght from induction, learning and evaluation are majorly focused on improving the creativity and problem solving skills of the young minds. By abolishing rote learning methods and leading the shift towards fun based learning, we are setting new standards and benchmarks for other schools to follow. 

This blog is more about the details of the steps that we take to nurture creativity and problem solving skills amongst the students since their young age. 

We encourage non-confirmity to default

In traditional classroom method of teaching, children are not let to explore beyond what is considered to be normal or default. But at Aksharam International School, we encourage children to be original thinkers. We always push them to think outside the box and bring about creative solutions to the problems they endure. We motivate them to not confirm themselves to default and instead look beyond what is shown right in front of them. 

Facilitate a question-friendly classroom environment

At Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we work towards erecting an environment that encourages students to raise questions. We encourage them to ask a ‘Why’ for anything they need- be it more information, more ideas or whatever. Instead of just accepting what is delivered by the teacher and moving ahead, we encourage children to ask ‘why’ and ‘how’s. Imagine traditional classroom scenarios where teacher gets annoyed and irritated with children asking too many questions. At Aksharam International School, we encourage children to ask questions right at the moment they arise and not be afraid to ask. 

Though facilitating such a question friendly learning environment consumes more time than usual classroom sessions, we are motivated to promote more openness so children feel comfortable in asking questions. 

Brainstorming and ideation sessions

Google organizes Genius hours for their employees and more than 50% of its projects have been created during the period?

We also organize such hours once in a while. The more and more tasks you put students to work on, the more creative their minds become. So, we help them identify problems and generate ideas on how they can go about solving them. With more and more ideas, the quality enhances. So, we engage students and young children into brainstorming and ideation sessions. 

Engage in team activities

At Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we encourage students to engage themselves in team-based activities. This facilitates engagement between students and also helps value each other’s strength more. This way, we help them develop a sense of trust and respect among peers when they mature as professionals and evolve as fully rounded individuals. 

Create meaningful, creative assignments.  

No two people are the same and the same applies to young children. No two students are alike. At Aksharam International School, one of the leading CBSE schools in Coimbatore, our teachers invest special efforts into creating tasks that hone the unique talents of a child. We also fine tune our approach to teaching that it becomes easier for the children to unleash their creativity and inner potential. The tasks and assignments we put children through are also meaningful and productive. Children take them up with enthusiasm and excitement and enjoy the process of doing the assignments, and do not do them just for the sake of doing the assignments. 

We embrace failures

Failure is something that discourages children from trying. At Aksharam International School, one of the renowned CBSE school in Coimbatore, the teaching environment is such that children are allowed to fail and learn from failures. We train children to accept failures so it helps when they enter into the professional world. Fostering a creative environment is more about creating a safe place where children find it comfortable to express themselves and share their ideas. And they should also feel confident to experiment their ideas. This is unlike the traditional classrooms that adopt a rigid pattern of education and they do not allow children to explore more options and grow further. 

Blend creativity into subjects. 

Imparting creativity into subjects does not necessarily mean that the whole curriculum has to be redefined or restructured. It can be as simple as demonstrating a physics or chemistry concept or working out a theorem that is taught in Maths. This way children could find it easy and engaging to learn such subjects and the depth of understanding of key concepts also strengthens. We instill creativity into everyday activities and learning for children at Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore. We help children learn key concepts and remember them through creative activities and methods. 

Motivate children to solve problems in different ways

As mentioned earlier, we understand that each child is unique and have skillsets that are very different from each other. So, when it comes to problem solving, children tend to solve them differently is nothing but a natural process. Unlike a traditional classroom that follows a rigid process to problem solving, we adopt flexible processes that encourages children to pursue their own problem solving methods. At Aksharam International School, we take children through an iterative process where children try to figure out solution to a problem in continuous iterations. They make an attempt to solve the problem, and when they fail, they continue to try another method to solving the problem. They keep doing this incrementally in iterations until they reach a solution. This way, students become more open to accepting risks and uncertainties in the process of solving a problem and develop a resilient approach to the same. 

Want your child to be a creative genius?

If you are looking forward to nurturing your child into a creative genius, admit your child into Aksharam International School, the leading CBSE school in Coimbatore. Above listed are some of the steps we have taken to foster creativity amongst our students.

To know more details, visit Aksharam International School, Mathampalayam, Billichi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu-641019. Contact: 09095599991 or info@aksharamschool.org .

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