Why We Should Spend Quality Time With Our Children?


Why We Should Spend Quality Time With Our Children?

A lot of times, occupied in the hustle and bustle of the rapidly changing lives, we fail to spend quality time with our children. The blog lists out the importance of spending quality time with our children and the family as a whole.

Family time is magical and hard to be articulated in words. Though we are caught up with profession and career, it is highly important to spend quality time with children. Quality time, here means giving the fullest attention to your children for a specified amount of time and letting them decide what they want to do with you. This is unlike playing video games together.

Watching screens together is not quality time. Quality time is all about walking together, having discussions, reading together, and many more. You may stick to doing activities that are appropriate for their age. You may choose to spend as little as ten minutes to how much ever you wish depending on your availability. All it matters is the effectiveness of how you should spend your time. 

Aksharam International School is a leading CBSE school in Coimbatore, and we ensure that children feel heard and celebrated for the smallest of things. Our academic experts have curated the benefits and importance of parents spending quality time with their children. 

Benefits of spending quality time with children

Spending time with your children produces several benefits for the children, you as a parent, and perhaps, to the whole family. 

Children who spend more time with their parents and family members are less likely to use drugs, alcohol, etc?

Following are some of the key benefits. 

  1. A platform for open communications

It provides a podium for children to express their emotions and thoughts. In other words, spending quality time with children without any distractions creates a conducive space and environment for open communication and conversation. There could be things that your children wanted to talk to you about, but the fact that they are seeing you busy all the while may be holding them back.

When parents are engaged and entangled so deeply into their professional lives, chances are that they take family time forgranted. But, spending time with children each day provides them the opportunity to share everything then and there without having to hold important things in their mind. 

At Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we have established a platform of open communication for children so they get to express their thoughts. We make sure that the environment is non-judgemental and the children feel confident in doing so. 

  1. Quality time with parents reduce stress and anxiety in children

When children are given an opportunity to bond well with parents and families, they get to express themselves better. This way the chances of children getting into risky behavioural problems are reduced. The feeling and confidence that emerges from the understanding that their parents would be there for them, no matter what, reduces stress and anxiety.

Children do not feel alone when something doesn’t go their way. They feel confident that their parents will be there to hold them even when they fail to achieve something.

At school, particularly in Aksharam International School, one of the leading schools in Coimbatore, we make sure that children get an opportunity to express themselves without a fear of being judged. 

  1. Enhances self confidence and esteem

Spending quality time with children and family boosts the self esteem and confidence of children. There is nothing more luxurious than getting them to know that they are heard, and celebrated. A lot of times children face problems when it comes to conversing with others.

They lack confidence and social skills. So, giving children an opportunity to express themselves without being judged boosts their confidence in speaking. You may motivate them to talk about current events and happenings so they feel comfortable in expressing their thoughts, opinions and feelings. 

  1. Enhances academic performance

Children who get an opportunity to spend quality time with parents score well academically. They get help and advice from their parents on scoring well. Beyond, they get to understand the importance of learning and scoring more. Studies show that when parents spend sometime to read along with their children, the learning pace of children increases.

When children are able to approach you to clarify their doubts and find answers to their questions, they feel confident about learning. This makes learning an exciting experience for children. At Aksharam International School, we make sure that the teachers are always available for children to approach. This way children feel comfortable and learn with excitement. 

  1. Lets you keep a tab of their behavioral problems

As mentioned earlier, children who vibe and bond well with families are less likely to get into behavioral problems. When children step into their teens, a lot of behavioral challenges emerge. When they have parents to share their problems with, they are more likely to grow into happy, confident individuals.

When you spend more time with children, they become comfortable to have open conversations about the problems and changes they are enduring. This way, you can offer them solutions for their problems. When you offer realistic, non-judgmental solutions, children are more likely to adopt them in reality.

They would also know that when things are not going their way or in their favour, they will have their parents to support. On the other hand, at Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we ensure that children are educated about the behavioral changes they might experience as they grow and evolve.

This way we make sure that we prepare them to face the challenges that they may endure in their journey. 

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If you are looking for a leading CBSE school in Coimbatore that can equip your child with comprehensive skills and competencies, you are at the right spot. Aksharam International School, housed right at the heart of Coimbatore offers a blend of conceptual and practical learning to children and empower them with skills and knowledge they need to lead a successful personal and professional life. 

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