10 Tips On Personality Development For Kids

10 Tips On Personality Development For Kids
Personality Development

10 Tips On Personality Development For Kids

Personality development helps build holistic skills and abilities in children. The blog presents tips and tricks that you can follow as a parent for the personality development of your kids

Personality plays a key role in the life of every individual. Each and every child has a unique personality. The environment in which the child grows plays an important role in shaping the personality of the child. Akin to adults, children develop their emotional intellectual, and social skills as they grow. 

Parents and teachers have a profound influence on the development and growth of a child. Children try to mimic the activities of their parents, so it is important to supervise their growth consciously.  

Following are some of the tips you should follow to groom your child with discipline and commitment and supervise their growth and development accordingly. These tips promote child personality development.  

Why is personality development important for children?

What is personality development, and how is it useful?

Child Personality development refers to the process by which children develop their behavior, and attitude and this helps distinguish them from the rest. 

Are personality development courses really helpful?

Child Personality development helps in the following ways. 

  • Helps raise self-awareness and understand their strengths and weaknesses. This way, children become conscious of their own selves.
  • Helps improve their self-esteem and confidence
  • Boosts their communication and persuasion skills. Building effective communication skills helps them build a successful personal and professional life
  • Children learn to approach life in a positive way. 

How do schools help children in personality development?

One of the commonly asked questions is that ‘Does the school have a role in a child’s personality?’. Apart from parents, children spend a lot of time with their teachers in school. The child’s education phase has a deeper impact on their personality growth. The environment of the school influences the personality of the child. In the school environment, children learn discipline, good habits, working in teams, acceptability skills, communication skills, etc. So, schools have a far more important role in grooming the child’s personality. As schools play a decisive role in a child’s growth and development, it is important to find the right school for your child.  

How to develop a child’s personality? Ten Tips for healthy development. 

  1. Listen to your child

Children love to express themselves and interact with people around them. These days, as both parents are so engrossed in their professional requirements, it is even more important that you properly schedule your time with the child. Make sure that you spend quality time with children. Engaging in conversation with them and listening to their thoughts and ideas boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Listening plays an important role in a child’s personality development.

  1. Restrict gadgets usage

Gadgets, particularly mobile phones, remain a major concern for parents of this era. As they spend most of their leisure time on screens, the chances of interacting with people around them are less. As parents, you must help offer the privilege of enjoying a screen-free childhood. This strengthens your child’s social skills and helps them foster deeper relationships with people around them.  

  1. Be a good role model

Parents are the first role models to any child. They tend to mimic the behavior and attitudes of parents and teachers. It is important to guide your child and walk them through the ebb and flow of life. They observe how you handle different situations and learn from them. So, try to be a good example to your child.

  1. Hone their social skills

A lot of times, we are asked, “What is the importance of social-emotional development?”. Though children carry some personality traits by birth and through genes, a lot of their skills can be honed. Encourage them to make real friends and spend more time with their peers. When you do so, they naturally tend to learn empathy, self-confidence, respect, discipline, etc. Social skills play a key role in child development and set the tone for their future. 

  1. Encourage their innate curiosity

Children are curious by nature and as they grow, it is important to nurture their unique skills and innate abilities. Never compare your child with other children. Instead invest time and energy into honing your child’s unique skills and talents. This way, they learn to build on their strengths and work on their weaknesses without being bothered about the lives of other people. This helps in enhancing the child personality development.

  1. Do not label your child for their behaviors

Often parents tend to label their children for their activities. When you do so, children tend to accept and convince themselves to acknowledge their behavior. This is more important when you are helping your child correct a behavior. When you label your child, you are actually hampering their ability to correct their behavior on their own. If you are exploring how to develop personality and smartness of your child, then refrain from labeling them. 

  1. Handle them gently

Gentle parenting has gained prominence. As parents, all of us tend to expect our children to shine in all walks of life. We overrule the fact that they have their own set of weaknesses and shortcomings. Keeping your expectations at bay helps foster meaningful relationships with your children. This way, you can also extend a helping hand to your children in overcoming their weaknesses. Ensure that you appreciate their strengths and do not keep bothering them by highlighting their weaknesses. 

  1. Set healthy boundaries and limits

Though it is important to handle them gently, it is also important to help them understand their responsibilities. Set healthy rules and follow a disciplined routine so children get to understand the importance of healthy behaviors. Communicate the rules, pass on instructions, and help them fix their shortcomings. 

  1. Encourage them to be independent.

When parents assist and accompany their children in all their endeavors, they tend to become so dependent on the parents for everything. As much as it is important to nurture and groom your children, it is also important to encourage them to be independent. Identify activities that children can take up on their own with minimal supervision and support from their parents. Encourage them to do such activities on their own, and this eventually helps in child personality development. 

  1. Encourage them to play outdoors

Free play has a profound effect on the child personality development. Playing outdoors with their peers helps children learn team spirit, sharing, engaging in a group, caring for others, and so on. Playing has a key role in enhancing the physical and mental development of children. Playing outdoors also helps them relieve the stress they endure inside the classrooms. If you are wondering how to develop the personality, then free play is the most important aspect that you must work on. 

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