<strong>Why yoga is important for children?</strong>

Why yoga is important for children?
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Why yoga is important for children?

In this blog, we have outlined the benefits of yoga and why parents must teach yoga to their children.

Yoga offers a wide range of benefits from helping children reduce stress to enhancing their mental and physical wellness. Yoga has been there since ages unknown and has breathing techniques, physical exercises, and meditation. It impacts the holistic being of your child. 

Considering the benefits of yoga, schools have also started imparting yoga to children at a young age. In this blog, we explore what are the benefits of yoga. If you have been exploring why do kids need to do yoga, this blog is a must-read for you. 

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga for Kids

In this section, we have covered the top 10 benefits of yoga for children. If you are wondering why do our kids need yoga in today’s world, read on to find out the benefits and wealth of yoga. 

1. Yoga enhances the strength of the body

Yoga enhances the physical strength of the body. Whether it is about standing, lying, or sitting postures, each of them is a test of muscle strength in its own way. So, it enhances the strength of a child’s muscles from a young age. 

2. Yoga helps manage stress and anxiety

Beyond promoting physical strength, yoga enhances the stress-handling abilities of children. The breathing exercises and relaxation techniques help regulate the anxiety and stress that children endure as a part of their academics and classroom learning.  

3. Yoga enhances children’s confidence and self-esteem

Yoga helps build self-esteem and self-respect in children. While they do yoga, their mental resilience and physical strength improve. Mastering each posture requires a perfect blend of physical and mental will. When they perfect a pose, they feel confident of their own body which in turn enhances the overall confidence and self-esteem of children. 

4. Yoga improves concentration and memory

Yoga helps improve focus, concentration, and memory in children. When children do yoga, they take up different moves and postures that demand extreme attention and concentration. Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps improve the memory and focus of children while also helping them feel empowered and confident. 

5. Yoga promotes discipline and sets a routine for children

Doing yoga on a regular basis helps set a routine for children. They tend to become more disciplined. As yoga clears the stress and anxiety of their minds, their minds become more disciplined. It can also help reduce their impulsivity and introduce calm, disciplined behaviors in children. 

6. Yoga promotes holistic wellness in children

Yoga promotes mental as well as physical balance, strength, flexibility, resilience, and coordination. From memory and concentration to physical strength and flexibility, the benefits of yoga are paramount. As it helps improve the overall mental and physical health of children, yoga is recommended for the holistic wellness of children. 

7. Yoga increases self-awareness and mindfulness

With yoga, children learn to become more aware of their mental and physical self. Yoga requires physical and mental coordination to be able to arrive at the postures and stay focused during meditation. This way, children become aware of what they are doing and when they extend this other activity, they become more aware of their self as a whole. 

8. Yoga promotes balance and coordination

Yoga helps achieve mental clarity as well as physical stability. For instance, when a child is attempting a one-legged tree pose and in case they struggle, they improve their focus to arrive at the right posture. This improves coordination and balance in children. Yoga helps enhance gross mothe tor skills and cognitive development of children since a young age. 

9. Yoga helps enhance academic performance

As children learn to become disciplined and garner their focus and concentration through yoga, it improves their academic performance. An important aspect of yoga, as discussed above, is its ability to weed away stress and anxiety in children. The stress reduction ability of yoga increases academic performance. Also, yoga helps improve focus, concentration, and memory of children. Beyond that, it also improves the creativity, self-awareness, discipline, and concentration of children. If you observe deeply, all these factors are closely connected to the academic performance of children. So, practicing yoga on a regular basis improves your child’s academic performance. 

10. Yoga improves the overall health of your child

Practising yoga helps improve the overall health of your child. Some of the benefits of yoga include regulating hormones, improving blood circulation, regulating blood sugar and insulin levels, stimulating digestion, etc. Also, yoga relieves children of stress and so their sleep quality improves. All these aspects improve the overall health of your children. 

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  1. Should kids be taught yoga? Is it authentic to teach yoga to 3- to 5-year-old children?

Yes, kids can be taught yoga at any age. It is just like other exercises. Introduce them to light asanas and let them learn at their own pace.

  1. What are some good yoga moves (Asanas) to teach to kids?

Corpse pose, sukhasana, tree pose, cat pose, cobra pose, frog pose, butterfly pose, lion pose, chair pose, etc. are some of the yoga moves you can teach your children. 

  1. Why is physical activity important for a child’s development? Why is yoga necessary for students?

Physical activity and yoga enhance the holistic development and well-being of children. It improves focus, concentration, memory, physical strength, resilience, and so on. 

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