<strong>Reason why parents prefer CBSE schools for their kids</strong>

reason why parents prefer cbse schools
Cbse schools

Reason why parents prefer CBSE schools for their kids

The blog summarizes the reasons behind the growing preference for CBSE schools, and intends to help you choose the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore

One of the important decision that parents make for their children is choosing the right school for them. In India, there are several standards and boards including

  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education),
  • State boards, 
  • IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), 
  • ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education).
  • IB (International Baccalaureate).

Of all the boards, CBSE remains the most preferred board of education in India as it is recognized across all the states in India. The blog describes the reasons why parents prefer CBSE schools over other board of education in India. It also helps you choose the best CBSE school in Coimbtaore for your children. 

Why do parents prefer CBSE schools?

CBSE board remains one of the most competitive in India and parents prefer to admit their children in the CBSE board. The board has more than 24000 schools in India. Because it i

Parents prefer to admit their children in the CBSE schools for various reasons and some of them include the following. 

  • Universal acceptance

The CBSE schools are recognized across the nation as well as internationally across the world. CBSE schools function in other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Middle Eastern countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc.

So if you are moving abroad for work or shifting to other states, then pursuing the CBSE curriculum helps. Incase your profession demands that you relocate frequently – whether within the country or outside the country, admitting your child into the CBSE school helps.

  • Edge in competitive exams

The CBSE board forms the basis of several competitive exams including JEE, NEET, CDS, UPSC, Dental Courses, PMT, and many more. The curriculum, syllabus, and pattern of questions of most competitive exams in the field of dental, engineering, civil services, chartered accountants, medical, etc. are based on the CBSE syllabus. This is one reason why parents prefer CBSE schools over other boards and schools. 

Studies show that about 60% of students who move up to IITs and ace JEE exam come from CBSE schools. The rate is 28% from state board and 10% from ICSE and IGCSE schools. So, if you want your kid to ace competitive exams and pursue higher studies in a reputed institution, admitting your child in a CBSE school helps. 

  • Common medium of instruction 

CBSE schools follow Hindi and English as the medium of instruction. Beyond, they also focus on helping children learn foreign languages like German, French, Japanese, etc. Learning more languages broadens the scope of your child’s exposure. If you are someone who aspires to admit your child in a top institution in India or in other parts of the world, then CBSE schools provide the right learning environment. For example, in Aksharam International School, the leading CBSE school in Coimbatore, we help children learn French and German alongside English and Hindi as an optional language. This has helped some of our students who do MS and other courses in different parts of the world. 

Why is CBSE preferred over state board?

  • No room for rote learning.

A common problem with state board learning is that it demands rote learning and memorization. And this is a primary reason as to why students find it difficult to clear state board exams. The CBSE syllabus, curriculum, and exam pattern is different and does not encourage rote memorization. It emphasizes learn by doing rather than cramming the concepts a day before the exam. This way, children gain futuristic skills and knowledge in survive and thrive in the highly competitive landscape. 

  • Promotes all round development of children

CBSE schools help promote 360-degree thinking and development of children. They shed enormous focus beyond academics and so the CBSE syllabus equips them with skills and knowledge needed to shine in the future. Whether they take up employment or pursue entrepreneurship, decision making skills and critical thinking abilities are the most important competencies children need. CBSE schools impart holistic education and so equip children with all round skills and abilities, rather than focusing on just academics. 

What are the qualities of a great CBSE school?

  • Does not overburden the child

When compared to other syllabus, CBSE curriculum is practical, integrated, and very light. It emphasizes experiential learning and so children do not endure any burden. The subject lessons are presented in an easy to perceive manner and so children enjoy the process of learning. The teachers are also trained to make the learning process more meaningful and enjoyable. This way, children tend to remember the lessons naturally without burdening their mind and struggling to memorize them. 

  • Extra focus on Science and Maths

As mentioned earlier, the CBSE schools focus more on imparting experiential education, and so shed a greater focus on subjects like Science and Mathematics. So if your child is interested in these subjects, or if you are interested in imparting analytical skills, creative thinking, and decision making abilities, you must consider admitting them into CBSE schools. 

  • Availability of learning resources

As CBSE curriculum is adapted by schools across the country and perhaps, the world, and so there are ample learning resources and study materials available. From sample question papers to study materials and resources, everything is available handy. This makes the process of learning simple and easy. 

Is Coimbatore good for schools?

Coimbatore remains the most preferred location for learning as it has a conducive learning environment. Coimbatore has a plethora of CBSE schools and parents must choose the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore based on the following.

  • Education quality
  • Infrastructure
  • Resources available
  • Teachers qualification
  • Ambience and location
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Labs and AV facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Academic excellence.

Coimbatore bubbles with energy and enthusiasm of professionals and self-made entrepreneurs. If you are looking for the environment for sustainable living with the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, and professional opportunities, Coimbatore remains the most appropriate place. The weather is also pleasant and so people enjoy living in Coimbatore. 

Which school is best for kids in Coimbatore?

If you are looking for the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, Aksharam International School ranks among the top. It offers a learning environment that is very close to nature. Beyond, it offers practical exposure and conceptual learning opportunities to children. It is located right at the heart of Coimbatore city and remains one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

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