<strong>15 Productive Things to do in Summer Vacation</strong>

15 Productive Things to do in Summer Vacation
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15 Productive Things to do in Summer Vacation

During summer you can encourage your child to learn cooking, martial arts, swimming, internships, travel,  exercise, competitions, project-based activities, etc.

It is summer vacation in India and you might be one of those parents exploring ways to engage your child. Its a break from the academic routine and remains the most needed time off for children. It is a concern for parents to engage themselves productively and help them build skills and capabilities beyond books and classrooms. 

If you are one of those parents exploring ways to keep your child busy during summer vacation, this blog is just for you. 

What is a productive way to fill the summer break?

Given below are some of the activities that you can try for your highschooler and help him/her spend the holidays in a constructive manner. 

  1. Learn martial arts

Martial arts is a very important part of one’s life as it teaches self-defense. Beyond it also hones the child’s focus and discipline. Given the insecurities of the evolving world, it becomes important that you equip your child with defense skills. It also instills confidence and prepares them for challenges in life. Martial arts also helps reduce stress and build productive energy. 

  1. Admit your child to swimming classes

Swimming is one of the luxurious ways to beat out the summer heat. Beyond being a fun activity in summer, learning to swim offers several health benefits. It helps the body build endurance, maintain a healthy body weight, tones the muscles, increases strength and stamina, alleviates stress, improves the flexibility, and so on. 

  1. Project-based activities 

Project-based learning helps students build their skills and competencies by engaging in real-time projects and activities. They start by taking a problem and analyse ways to solve it. In the process they also evaluate what is already existing and what they should do differently. Working on a real-time project equips students with real-time skills and makes them career-ready. 

  1. Participate in competitions

What are some productive things I can do during holidays?

Apart from academics and schools, there are competitions and contests conducted in various forums. Explore your child’s interests, skills, and strengths and prepare them for contests. You may consider essay, elocution, poetry, drawing, debates, swimming, chess, etc. This will help them build their overall personality and skills. If you are exploring how a teenager can take advantage of summer break, competitions are interesting. 

  1. Join summer camps

Schools, academies, and teachers conduct summer camps focused on imparting extracurricular skills and knowledge. They include vedic maths, crafts, painting, finger play, abacus, yoga, dance, zumba, etc. These activities not only engage your child and keep them busy, but they are also help hone their critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

  1. Admit them into a language class

CBSE schools in Coimbatore, have English as the medium of instruction. To enhance their exposure, language skills are one of the most important. If you aspire to move abroad for their education or for your professional requirements, admit your child to a language school so they can learn foreign languages. 

  1. Take them on a Travel

Travelling is one of the most interesting ways to engage children productively during summer vacation. You can take them to places of historical significance, worship places, study tours, and so on. 

  1. Treks and hikes

Beyond the usual places, you can also take your children on treks and hikes. This way, they got to bond well with nature which in turn hones their emotional skills, intelligence, and social skills. It would also improve their environment consciousness beyond being a test of their mental and physical strengths. 

  1. Decorate your space

Perhaps, the easiest way to engage your children during summer is to engage them in all your household activities. You can engage them in decorating your space and amping up the environment as and how you have aspired to. This will change the atmosphere of your home. 

10. Reading

If you are exploring what should a 10 year child do in summer vacation, then here is the answer. Reading improves the vocabulary and comprehension skills of your children. It reduces stress and stimulates their imagination and curiosity. Reading broadens their knowledge and exposes them to wide range of ideas and experiences. 

11. Exercise

Engaging your children in exercises helps them distract from screens and gadgets. It improves their concentration, confidence, and self-esteem. It improves their sleep quality and physical fitness. 

12. Cooking

Cooking is an important life skill and it is important that you teach cooking to your children at a young age. You can ask them to make simple dishes like tea, pancakes, etc. This would help them incase they have to stay away from family for higher studies or on other occasions. 

13. Internship

What can I do to have an extremely productive summer? If your child is grown up, you can help them grab internships as this would help them gain an idea of how corporates function. This would enhance their employability and help them land in a constructive career. 

14. Watch educational videos

If you think it is too hot to roam around during the day, you can encourage your child to watch educational videos. There are several YouTube channels that impart skills in specific subjects including physics, chemistry, history, astronomy, geology, biology, etc. 

15. Develop healthy habits

Given that the children at home throughout, it is the right time to impart healthy habits in them. Do daily reflection, reading, journaling, and so on. Get them on to a proper schedule and encourage them to maintain a healthy schedule. 

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  1. How do I make the most of my summer vacation (for teens)?

You can engage them in activities like swimming, trekking, hiking, etc. Beyond that you can also teach them basic skills like cooking, financial management, etc. 

  1. How can a teenager take advantage of summer break?

If you are a teenager and you have a summer break, then engage yourselves in one of the following activities – internships, learning a new language, travelling , and so on. 

  1. How can I be productive in summer?

To enhance your productivity in summer, engage yourself in useful activities instead of sitting idle, watching random movies and gazing at the television screens. 

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