Tips For Improving Your Child’s Public Speaking Skills

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Tips For Improving Your Child’s Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking and communication skills are the most important when it comes to conveying your message The blog lists some of the strategies that one can use to improve your child’s public speaking skills

Public speaking is one of the critical skills that we must inculcate in our children who are gearing up to face the competitive world. Communication skills are a crucial determinant of success and career enhancement. History shows that some of the people who have made the greatest impact on humanity had excellent communication skills. So, to achieve your goals and evolve successful in whatever industry you choose, public speaking and communication play an enormous role.  

Public speaking skills require some effort and they need to be nurtured since a young age. At Aksharam International School, one of the leading CBSE schools in Coimbatore, we place paramount importance in enhancing the public speaking and communication skills of our students. We help children grab public speaking skills from a young age so they can leverage it to express their beliefs and opinions on a variety of topics. 

The blog presents some tips to improve your child’s public speaking skills. One must understand that enhancing the public speaking skills require collective effort from children, teachers, and parents.

Practice is all it takes

Nothing works like practice, particularly when it comes to public speaking and communication. So, encourage your kid to build effective conversations. You may assign a topic or let them prepare on a topic of their interest. Ask him to talk and record in the smartphone so they can replay and figure out how it sounds when they talk. So, this way the practice becomes engaging and exciting. Make public speaking practice a part of their daily routine. 

At Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we make opportunities for children to speak out and express their opinions. With continuous practice, they have learnt to think in a flow and curate their thoughts into words so they can communicate effectively. 

Participate in competitions

Always encourage your children to participate in competitions. Competitions play a key role in enhancing the oratory skills of children. At Aksharam International School, we conduct debates, group discussions, poetry recitation, elocution and several other competitions. This way students learn to get rid of stage fright and put up their thoughts in a more organized manner.

They also learn to speak under the pressure of competition. This would be helpful in due course when children mature and graduate to move into the highly competitive, professional world. Competitions also helps improve self confidence and self esteem. So, always encourage your children to participate in competitions. 

Help them strengthen their grammatical understanding

Grammar and vocabulary is the key when it comes to public speaking. So, encourage your children to become well-versed in grammar and vocabulary. Nurturing grammar from a young age also helps them as they mature because it is an essential skill when you have to communicate with your colleagues in the professional world.

Having a strong foundation in grammar also helps in ensuring that the right message is conveyed and the intended objective is achieved. At Aksharam International School, we place enormous emphasis on inculcating grammar and vocabulary in children since a young age.

We strengthen their grammatical skills through several activities that we organize on a regular basis apart from the usual classroom teaching. What makes us one of the best schools in Coimbatore is the kind of individual attention we pay to our students. Our teachers help children understand if they make mistakes and improve over all quality of the public speaking output. 

Help them all their fears

For some, getting on to stage and facing a crowd is a fear; for some others, speaking continuously is a fear; while for others the calmness of the crowd when they speak is a challenge. There are also people who are struggling with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. So, enhancing the public speaking skills require that as a parent, you help your child identify their weaknesses and fears.

The next step is to work out ways to address those challenges in specific so they get to learn in the process. If they are worried about facing a crowd, encourage them to participate in competitions where they get to address a crowd. In case they are afraid of grammar and vocabulary, help them learn grammar on a regular basis. Or if they are afraid of silence, help them develop a sense of comfort with silence.

You should train your children to understand that silence means that the audience is attentive to what they are saying. And that there is nothing to worry about the silence. 

At Aksharam International School, we pay individual attention to our children during the school time. So, we help our children understand their individual fears and work out strategies to overcome such weaknesses and fears. 

Changing children’s mood and anxiety

A child’s mood plays an important role when it comes to public speaking. Stress and anxiety influence the quality of public speaking to a great extent. Help you child master their mood before they turn up on stage- it could be  taking a few deep breaths, meditation, and some light physical exercises too. 

At Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we help children master public speaking skills. We encourage them to balance their mind and body before they show up for public speaking. Helping our children feel light and stress free before turning up for an on stage presentation boosts confidence and sets an enthusiastic tone for the entire event. 

Motivate children to build reading habits. 

Books are an essential part of helping children build speaking skills. Reading improves grammar, vocabulary and also helps children identify and build proper, effective sentence patterns. So, always encourage your children to build a healthy reading routine. It could be a struggle in the very beginning.

If it is so, you try reading it aloud for them. Choose a subject of their interest so when you read it aloud, children could pay attention to what you are saying. This way they will learn new words each day and also master the art of pronunciation and sentence structure. 

Choice of school

The choice of school also plays an important role in enhancing children’s public speaking and communication skills. Ensure that the school you choose places a greater emphasis on improving these skills in children. Along with it, customized attention also is important because when it comes to public speaking, each one of us face different challenges and no two people are the same. 

At Aksharam International School, we place enormous emphasis on enhancing the public speaking skills and communication skills of young children. We help each of them understand their strengths and weaknesses while we help them build on their strengths and work on their weaknesses. That we offer undivided attention and customization to children’s needs makes us one of the best schools in Coimbatore.

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