Tips For Teaching Personal Hygiene In Kids

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Tips For Teaching Personal Hygiene In Kids

It is important that we inculcate personal hygiene habits in our children since a young age. The blog lists some tips along with the activities we follow at Aksharam International School

Maintaining a healthy personal hygiene is a habit that we should develop in children from a young age. Research shows that with proper education on personal hygiene and habits, a lot of ailments and diseases can be prevented in children. When children are taught to maintain a good personal hygiene from a young age, eventually they will make this as a habit. It becomes easy and effortless to maintain themselves clean, neat, and hygienic all the while. 

Aksharam International School is one of the leading CBSE schools in Coimbatore, and we own it as a responsibility to teach children of personal hygiene as early as they enter into their primary school. We place utmost importance to ensuring that children are well educated about personal hygiene. 

The blog presents some tips and tricks that you can adopt to inculcate personal hygiene and habits in children from a very young age. 

Why is it important to educate your children about personal hygiene?

Children who live under unhygienic conditions are vulnerable to be infected by diseases and illnesses. So, it becomes important to understand the importance of maintaining personal hygiene. 

  1. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness keeps the bacteria and other disease causing micro organisms at bay. This boosts your immunity to illnesses and diseases. 
  2. Studies show that people who do not maintain a proper personal hygiene have a negative image of themselves and are not confident when they carry themselves in public. 
  3. Maintaining a proper personal hygiene boosts one’s self image and esteem. When we are clean and neatly dressed, we feel more confident and well-represented in the public. 
  4. When we help children maintain a proper personal hygiene, they do not fall sick often. This helps them gain more weight and immunity. 

How to teach children to maintain a proper personal hygiene?

  1. Categorize good and bad hygiene habits

Since a young age, children know that they have to do more of what we call as good and less of bad things. So, prepare a list of all the habits and categorize them as good and bad habits. Keep repeating them often and this way the concept of good and bad habits get etched into their subconscious mind. Eventually, they start to do more of good things and refrain from bad habits. 

At Aksharam International School, we inculcate such practices from as early as the kids start schooling. We start with small things say, helping them understand that it is important to wash their hands before they eat, brush their teeth as soon as they wake up from their beds, and so on. 

  1. Be a good role model

As parents, it is important to remember that children are a reflection of the habits that we follow. If you do not brush your teeth as soon you are up from bed, children tend to think that such habits are acceptable. When you make personal hygiene habits a strict standard to be followed at home, children will automatically learn to follow them along with you. So, the very essential step to teaching good personal hygiene to your children is to follow them strictly and remain a role model for them. 

At Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we always act as role models and practice all that we preach. 

  1. Start with small things 

When children are young and you want them to maintain their personal hygiene, it is important that you start with small habits like washing their hands after a play and before they eat, bathing regularly, brushing up their teeth as soon as they are up from bed and so on. Offering them too many instructions may not help as children get overwhelmed and tend to miss following them. So start with basics. Start with small things and then continue to build their personal hygiene habits from there. 

In an endeavour to promote a hygienic school environment, we at Aksharam International School, the leading CBSE school in Coimbatore, encourage students to start with basics so they find it easy and exciting to learn and follow such habits. 

  1. Make learning fun

Children learn to grasp and follow instructions when they are delivered in a fun and engaging way. Teach them through activities. At Aksharam International School, we use fun based activties to teach and demonstrate the importance of personal hygiene habits to children.

We use germs transfer game to help children realize how germs get passed on from one person to another. For this activity, we apply a small portion of paint to a child’s hand and let the kid go wherever he wants. So, the paint gets transferred to wherever the child places their hand. At the end, we ask them to count the number of places where they have transferred the paint and demonstrate how germs get transferred. This way children realize the importance of maintaining a personal hygiene and how important it is to stay away from germs. 

To demonstrate the importance of hand wash we use another activity. In this activity we apply glitters on each child’s hands. We then instruct them to wash their hands in running tap water. The glitter wouldn’t go off easily and quickly. They take some time. This way, we help them understand that it is important to wash their hands for at least 30 seconds as specified by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). 

This way children understand the importance of maintaining a personal hygiene and try to follow such habits every time. You may explore more activities and try them at home. 

  1. Keep a tab of their health and hygiene habits

When we introduce healthy habits for children to follow, they might have a struggle until it becomes a part of their routine. Because children are young and still learning, chances are that they may skip doing something or may not pay as much attention as the health and hygiene requires. So, ensure that they follow a hygienic routine all the time. May sure that they brush their teeth regularly, bath well, keep their body clean and hygienic. 

At Aksharam International school, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we follow innovative methods to inculcate a healthy routine. We have charts stuck everywhere around the school that emphasize the importance of hygiene. We check their nails and hands for dirt. We ensure that all of them wash their hands before their snacks and lunch time. We also make sure that they wash their hands after play time. We make sure that they keep their desks clean. 

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