Innovation is the key to learning, find a school ingrained with innovative teaching


Innovation is the key to learning, find a school ingrained with innovative teaching

Innovation led teaching is gaining prominence and when you are looking for a school, it is important to choose one that adopts innovative teaching methods. Read the blog to know more

Innovation plays a key role in enhancing the quality of our lives and promoting socio economic development and economic growth. Though it may sound like a buzzword, innovation has become a key aspect of our lives. Building an innovation mindset should start from a very young age and as early as schools. No matter if one aspires to become a doctor, engineer, pilot, politician, entrepreneur, professional, etc. carrying an innovation mindset helps them stay ahead of their peers and build a meaningful profile.

As one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, Aksharam International School fosters innovation-led education and moulds children to build a creative mindset. Beyond, it also offers a platform for the young minds to unleash their creativity and innovative thinking. Fostering an innovative mindset requires innovation and creativity in teaching. We adopt innovative teaching methods to help children grasp the subject matter quickly and apply them to solve problems.

Why is innovation in education important?

Adapt to the changing environment

The world is evolving at a rapid pace that something new today becomes outmoded tomorrow. It is important to accommodate the requirements of the rapidly changing world. In that case, the education system should have the ability to mould the child with skills and competencies to handle the requirements of the changing world.

Technological changes

Of all the things that are evolving, technological changes are the most important. With the penetration of internet and mobile phones, everybody has access to loads of information. Given this, schools and colleges should focus on leveraging the technological changes and work on increasing the accessibility, affordability, and inclusivity in education. Say, for instance, schools can leverage the internet penetration and connectivity to establish strong connections with the parents and children. Instead of using pictures to educate children, schools should work out animations and other interesting visual elements so children find it exciting and engaging to learn something new.

Innovative learning methods

The traditional, conventional, blackboard teaching is outdated and more contemporary methods have evolved to educate children. With technological advancements, it is possible to customize the learning process to align with the learning style and pace of children. Research based, proven learning methods have evolved and it is important that schools choose one or combination of the learning methods to help children learn easily and effectively.

Learning beyond books

To survive in the highly competitive landscape of today, one needs to build skills and competencies beyond books and classrooms. Skill-based education should be the objective of schools and colleges, and they should work on imparting knowledge beyond academics. Schools should help children build an innovation centric mindset, critical thinking abilities, problem solving skills, and decision making competencies. Schools should also work on imparting soft skills and other capabilities that are crucially needed for sustainability in the competitive world.

Real-world problems

The traditional method of learning encouraged children to learn within the bounds of what is being taught in the classroom. They were encouraged to conform to defaults and not go question too much about what was considered as right and normal. With the evolution of innovative learning methods, there is a greater emphasis on solving real world problems and questioning the defaults. This helps solve problems at the any level, whether it is at the individual level or at the community level. Such innovative thinking helps children develop the mindset and as they grow they start looking at problems from the perspective of figuring out a solution. On the long run, this helps enhance the quality of lives in the community while promoting socio economic development and prosperity of the downtrodden.

How does Aksharam school fosters innovation in classroom?

While the above section listed the importance of innovation in learning, this section intends to elaborate on how Aksharam School helps foster innovation since a very young age.

Experiential learning

At Aksharam International School, one of the leading schools in Coimbatore, we promote experiential learning methods and processes. We do not encourage rote learning and memorization. We work out innovative ways to help children understand the concepts and problems before they work on it. We are very passionate about helping children grow and we constantly motivate children to explore beyond classrooms and experiment what they learn inside the classroom. We provide practical problems and encourage them to solve the problems following their idea and conceptual understanding.

Technology-led learning

As explained earlier, technology has evolved to enhance every walk of our lives. Education is no more an exception, and with emergence of COVID, the technological adoption in the education system has grown exponentially beyond what was expected otherwise. We use technology to the fullest extent at Aksharam International School as we work out ways to build an educational content that is very appealing to children. We share online resources, learning materials, video materials, and worksheets, so children find it interesting to learn and evolve. We have a start of the art infrastructural facilities and that makes us stand unique to evolve as one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

Innovative reward system

Our reward system is extremely holistic and not based on just academic performance. We, at Aksharam International School, adopt innovative methods to evaluate the skills and competencies of children. We do not encourage them to cram the concepts just before their exam and reproduce it on the paper. Instead we assess their performance in various aspects. We evaluate their soft skills, problem solving skills, analytical thinking, critical reasoning abilities, and so on. This way, children can understand their strengths and uniquenesses and work out ways to enhance their competencies. We also help them identify their weaknesses and help them with ways to overcome the same.

Experimentation mindset

At the young age, the curiosity is at the maximum and the learning curve is also steep. But as they grow up, they tend to lose interest in exploring. We at Aksharam International School, work out ways to help children build an exploratory mindset and experimentation. We help them understand that it is normal to fail and what is more important to keep trying. This is the key to building an innovation mindset.

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Looking for the best schools in Coimbatore?

If you are looking for one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, Aksharam International School is the perfect choice. With well-experienced teachers, we have a state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities. Our teachers are well qualified and work passionately to offer quality education to the young minds. That we are rated a 5* by our parents testify the quality of education that we offer.

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