Why Is Art Education Important In Schools?

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Why Is Art Education Important In Schools?

Art education helps children become fully rounded professionals with holistic skills and competencies. Read the blog to know the benefits of art education in schools and how we impart holistic skills in Aksharam International School

In literal terms, art education is comprehensive and people use it differently to refer to various terms of knowledge in music, dance, and visual art forms. It promotes creative thinking and innovation and helps children practice group learning and team work since a very young age. Beyond, there are a lot of benefits of imparting art education as early as their childhood. 

The blog presents some of the reasons why imparting art education is very important in schools and the role it plays in moulding children into fully rounded professionals. 

Boosts creative thinking

Art education, dance forms or music lets children express themselves in the most creative way. While painting, children will be capturing the image in their minds to the paper. Or when they learn music, children will get to create different rhythms and this enhances their creativity and problem solving skills. The same is the case with dance forms as well. Dancing is an outcome of impulses and so strengthens the neural connections. When they attempt to choreograph for a song, they have to tune their body movements to match with the music and so they get an opportunity to unleash their creativity. At Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we encourage children to express their creativity through dance, yoga, music, and other art activities. 

Serves as a medium of relaxation

One of the important reasons as to why children should learn dance, music, and other art forms is that they serve as a beautiful, natural medium of relaxation. A lot of times children feel academics as a stressful activity. And when they grow up stress and anxiety in the professional world is real. So, when they get exposed to art forms, it becomes easy and effortless to relax their mind, body, and soul. Art forms like yoga, music, and dance are proven to offer holistic rejuvenation and one gets the same feeling as going on a vacation or doing something that they love the most. 

Being one of the leading CBSE schools in Coimbatore, Aksharam International School strives to provide a stress free learning environment for children. To achieve this, we help children learn yoga, dance, and other art forms. 

Decision making skills

Students who invest their time and efforts into learning art forms get an opportunity to hone their decision making skills and abilities. For example, when they are involved in painting, they need to decide on the colours that would best suit their drawing. Or when they are dancing, they are required to decide on the dance moves that would best suit the song and tune. In case, children are involved in music, they need to identify patterns and decide on rhythms. So, learning and practicing art forms requires children to unleash their decision making skills and in due course, hone their skills and capabilities. This way children learn to not just make decisions, but become confident of their decisions and push themselves beyond their comfort zone. At Aksharam International School, one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we believe that it is more important for children to be able to hone their decision making skills in the increasingly competitive world. We let children explore, experiment, and experience the art of decision making. 

Improves fine motor skills

That art forms enhance fine motor skills in children is one of the important reasons as to why they should be encouraged to practice yoga, dance or music since a young age. For instance, when they learn music, they need to move their hand, fingers, etc. to be able to produce the music they intend. They need to bring different parts under sync to be able to produce a meaningful music. The same is the case with painting and drawing. To produce a beautiful picture, they need to move their muscles in wrists, fingers, and sometimes hand as a whole. Even scribbling with a crayon or a colour pencil enhances the fine motor skills of children. Dance also requires that small muscles and sensory organs have a coordination among themselves. They may require that children move their hands back and forth, or side to side, and so improves the fine motor skills. 

At Aksharam International skill, our teachers design activities exclusively to improve the fine motor skills of children. They include motivating them to use safety scissors, opening bottle caps, drawing, and many more. It is through such activities that children develop holistic skills effortlessly. Investing our time and resources into such activities have made us one of the best schools in Coimbatore. 

Enhances social skills

Because art forms like dance, drawing, or yoga involves teamwork, discipline, commitment, and communication and coordination with their counterparts, children get an opportunity to hone their social skills. They learn to work in teams and lend ears to the opinions of others. This way, they improve their teamwork skills which in turn makes their personal and professional lives easier. When they graduate and get into the professional world, a lot of times, one is required to work in teams while managing conflicts. Working in teams since a young age helps children build social skills and simplifies the complexities involved in their professional lives. 

Team work, communication and social skills are given utmost priority at Aksharam International School, a leading CBSE school in Coimbatore. No matter whether it is about painting, drawing, or about dancing, we motivate students to work in teams and this enhances their social skills effortlessly and naturally. Kids also get an opportunity to experience different cultures and foster deeper relationships with their counterparts while ignoring such differences. 

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Improves memory

Worried about your kid losing the keys or track of where they left their note books? You must expose them to art forms. 

Music and art forms improve memory?

Instead of forcing them to learn words and sentences through academic subjects and rote memorization, exposing them to music helps improve their knowledge with words and sentences. This is very similar to adults. Akin to how easily we remember the lyrics of a song, children also get to remember the words and sentences very easily. This improves their memory and offers immense benefits as they get an opportunity to learn by doing. 

Looking for the best school in Coimbatore?

Aksharam International School is a leading CBSE school in Coimbatore. If you are looking for a school that fosters the culture of learning by doing and exposes your child to practical modes of learning, you are at the right place. We ensure that we impart futuristic skills and competencies in children and help them evolve into fully rounded professionals when they grow up. That we have always been rated a 5* by our students and parents stands as a testament to the quality of education that we impart. 

For admissions and other information, contact our academic director at info@aksharamschool.org

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