<strong>Fun things to do for kids ages 9-12</strong>

Fun things to do for kids ages 9-12
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Fun things to do for kids ages 9-12

If you are exploring ways to engage your children this summer, read the blog to understand productive and fun activities. 

It is summer in India and parents are exploring different ways to engage their children. Though there are a lot of activities, kids in the age group of 9 and 12 who are tweens often feel bored and it is crucial that we find out fun activities and productive ways to keep them engaged. The activities should stimulate their physical and mental abilities, help them sleep better, boost their confidence, reduce the anxiety and stress and promote enhanced concentration power and focus. 

In this blog we have curated some of the fun activities that you can try out for kids in the tweens stage. We have given them by age because what is appropriate and engaging for a 10-year might be boring for a 12-year old. If you are a teacher reading this blog, you can carry forward the activities to implement them in the classrooms or while you take them on trips and tours. 

Educational activities for 10 year olds

  1. Word Games

Encourage your children to play word games and crossword puzzles. This would help them build their vocabulary and soft skills. It improves their memory and spelling comprehension. Playing word games also enhances their reading abilities. With time, kids gain focus and concentration on a particular activity. You can try Word Scramble, word Ladder, Wordsmith, and so on. 

  1. Writing Activities

While word games hone their vocabulary and strengthen their spelling and reading skills, writing activities help them gain holistic language abilities and competencies. You can ask them to write about a favorite topic or subject. Say for instance, if you are exploring activities for a 12 year old boy and the child is so fond of cars, you can ask him to write a few sentences about cars. This would help improve their ability to convert their thoughts into words. Also science shows that children make use of multiple senses when they write. 

  1. Card-matching games

One of the common fun games that fascinate a 10-year old child is the card-matching games. This improves their visual comprehension, scanning skills, memory and the ability to recall information and pattern.  

  1. Math puzzles 

Math puzzles are an interesting way to engage children. They help improve their analytical skills and critical thinking abilities. You can try games like Sudoku. You can start with the basic level, and take them through the intermediate and advanced levels. Playing such games strengthens their analytical skills, and hones their focus and concentration. 

  1. Make a Map

Creating map of whatever the child likes helps hone their creative abilities. You can ask them to create a map of your home, your area, farm, the country, or even the world. This will be a test of their ability to transform their comprehension into visual and graphical elements. 

Educational activities for 12 year olds

  1. Learn coding

Coding is so much fun and carries an excellent scope beyond being a passtime activity. It helps enhance their communication skills, analytical thinking, iterative problem solving, and collaboration skills. 

  1. Learn new language

If you are exploring a fun activity for your 12 year old, encourage them to learn a new language. Doing so broadens their exposure and in case they travel abroad for educational purposes or career opportunities, it would be easy for them to settle down in the place. Beyond learning a new language opens a wide door of  opportunity for them to leverage and grow. 

  1. Encourage them to do a DIY project

Nothing works like “Learning by doing” when it comes to educating a child. Encourage them to build using waste materials or provide them ideas so they can experiment with their creativity. This helps unleash their creativity and innate talent. DIY projects are fun yet educational and exploratory. If you are exploring games for 12 year old boys, then DIY projects are the best. Why good school infrastructure important for students?

  1. Play board games

If you are looking for summer activities for a 12 year old to engage your child indoors, then board games are the best. You can encourage them to play chess, carrom board, monopoly, etc. This improves their cognitive skills and boosts their esteem and creativity. 

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How can I plan fun activities for kids this summer?

If you are exploring what are the best after exam activities for young children, then go through this section. 

  • Swimming classes

Swimming classes are an excellent way to help children engage productively in summer. Swimming is a wonderful physical activity for children and it helps reduce their stress levels. It improves cardiovascular health and strengthens their lung capacity. 

  • Music classes

Music is a wonderful form of self-expression and teaching music to children boosts their self-confidence. It ignites all the sensory organs of a child and helps them build strong social, emotional, and intellectual abilities. Exposing children to music in their early stages help them comprehend the meaning of words and hone their linguistic skills. 

  • Camping

If you think of where do kids nowadays spend most of their time, then it is with the screens. Camping , hiking, and trekking helps children move away from screens and foster a close relationship with nature. It helps them unwind from the academic stress and promote social skills and comprehension. Beyond mental well-being, camping also promotes their physical health. It helps them build a calm, composed mind with abilities to handle what may come in. 

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